A Walk to Remember II
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A Walk to Remember, Part II

Part I describes Charles Pickles, an independent thinker who brightened the life of everyone around him.  This young man helped others overcome their fears, to surmount obstacles in their lives.  Yet his own life ended abruptly when he fell off a skateboard. It seemed cruel that a young man with such potential, who was making such a difference, was taken away.
Link to: A Walk to Remember, Part I

Charles Pickles

The narrative of this true life story has three parts:

Part I states the conflict that could happen to anybody, the sudden loss of a loved one.

Part II contains the resolution, the transformation of that conflict into a positive outcome.  It tells the walking of El Camino Santiago de Compostela, one of the oldest footpaths in the world.

Part III lies in the future, which is yet to be written.


Turn the page to Walking in the Valley, for an account of Diane Bondi-Pickles' first steps after the accident.

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