Edward Payson Weston Research
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Sunday, 22 November 2009 23:28

EPW-NewYorkPublicLibraryAt long last, the painstaking work of piecing the Weston material  together reaches online publication.  If you do an internet search on "Edward Payson Weston," you will find that much of the material repeats a few main sources, such as Tom Talpey.

Most of the Wiki-Walk material on Weston is fresh, original research.  A great debt goes to P.S. Marshall for his indispensable book, "King of the Peds."  Then there are the New York Times press clippings from "The Gentle Art of Walking" (1972).  Some other Weston material is slowly surfacing, which can be found in Google Books.   The Bain Collection, a predecessor of the Associated Press, has a remarkable treasure trove of photographs.

The research effort is not merely one of discovery.  It involves putting together puzzle pieces with incomplete parts.  The newspaper accounts of another age spoke to a different audience, with different grammar and different priorities.

Photograph credit: New York Public Library.  Larger version at this link:  Weston Slideshow. Hope the material intrigues you as much as it does me.  Enjoy!  Charlie


For more details, see these links:

Search Wiki-Walk: Weston articles

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Site updates Oct. 09
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Friday, 16 October 2009 10:06

Over the summer the name of the monthly publication has been named "The Walker's View" and the subtitle has become "exploring the word on foot and online."  The evolution has taken place to reinforce the identity of a periodical for this part of the Wiki-Walk site.  In other words, the articles are published from the viewpoint of regular walking.

The default landing page of now features smart searches, first for Wiki-Walk articles and links, second for popular walking sites, and third for the internet at large.  Targeted advertisements by Google at the right of the page provide commercial options for your search.

The smart searches thus provide access to any articles about walking, not just the contributions of Wiki-Walk alone.  You can test the different levels of search by typing in the word "championship."   Hopefully this example shows the time saved by a smart search.

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Library View
The library can be viewed by clicking titles ON the gray menu bar.

  • This action produces an article count and list of categories.

  • Use this one-click action to browse the library creatively
    and grow your enthusiasm for walking!

For example, try choosing the title: Fresh Air . . .

The titles Fresh Air, Features, Reading, Health, Places, Images all contain similar directories.




What's up with Wiki-Walk
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Tuesday, 21 July 2009 15:10

Mention of some gradual progress:

New articles on:

  • Matsuo Bashō
  • Short family walks
  • Book excerpts
  • Your immune system


  • Walking with Rocky - interactive book with 300 pictures
  • New banner title:  Wiki-Walk News Briefs -  news clips useful for data-mining
  • New banner title: The Walker's View - a periodical to inspire walking
  • DISQUS global comment system - promising component gets a try

Enjoy your walking!

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R-U-A wikiwalker?
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Friday, 01 May 2009 00:00

It has surprised me of late how much I enjoy walking.

A few years ago I noticed a stout man working out by a playing field of the local academy.  With a towel wrapped around his neck and tucked into his warm-up suit, he ran around the field several times. For some reason I happened to see him doing this on several occasions, and on one of those occasions, I joked to my wife Tricia, "If he's doing it for weight loss, it's not working." She chided me over it as I vainly tried to point out that 80% of weight control consists of the fuel you put in your body.

Only recently, I have noticed several different people out walking with a stern look on their faces. They look straight ahead, not at me or their surroundings as they walk. They probably walk precisely the same route in a given amount of time, and say to themselves, "Dammit, this is good for my health, so I must do it whether I like it or not."

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Social Media
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Thursday, 02 April 2009 21:12

Little-Rocky-and-CharlieInternet usage has transitioned between various concepts of communication in the past ten years while computer power and online connections improved.  Right now social media are all the rage.

Amidst all this activity, two basic requirements have remained constant:

1) Information and 2) Messaging.  

Let's look at these individually

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What's in the Skin
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Monday, 02 March 2009 08:17

Little Rocky and CharlieDoctors recommend a daily glass of wine or grape juice, handful of raisins, or bunch of grapes.  Something about heart health, anti-oxidants, and what's in the skin of the grapes.

Our aim is to present you with the same kind of news about walking.  We want to produce quality content, not a fancy package.  We'd rather serve you good wine or juice in an ordinary glass than sugar water in a gold cup. 

It's not the container, but what's in the container, that counts.  Similarly, the Wiki-Walk interface embodies a no-frills philosophy: just make the subject clear.  You won't notice the container when the contents provide the excitement.

So, just as many Mediterranean meals include a health tonic derived from grapes, we hope you enjoy a daily taste of our message, "Let's walk now!"  ~ Charlie Duane

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Foot Prints - Duane
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Monday, 26 January 2009 00:00

Little Rocky and Charlie thumbnail

Hi.  My muddy, trouble-making friend, Little Rocky joins me in welcoming you to our site. 
Wiki-Walk means quick information about walking.  We aim to promote enthusiasm for our favorite activity by sharing as much helpful information as we can.  It's all about walking - anywhere!

An article on Weston the Pedestrian by P.S. Marshall kicks off our online publication in style.
Kudos also to Larry Luxenberg, author of "Walking the Appalachian Trail" for his article, Hiking Harriman.
Thanks also to authors Gene Espy and Francis Tapon.

Read fascinating, frequently updated news on walking from around the world by clicking the
** Global Highlights ** link.  We invite you to rejoin us and share your insights.  ~ Charlie Duane

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