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Seven-year-old Seth - Luxenberg
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Monday, 02 March 2009 13:23

Written by Larry Luxenberg in 1993.

I hadn’t considered climbing Katahdin with Seth, my oldest son, until a friend mentioned it for the second time. Seth was only 7 ½ and Katahdin – the highest point in Maine – is one of the most difficult climbs in the eastern U.S. In fact, Katahdin is the only mountain that I know of where climbing is prohibited for children under age six.

Once I mentioned the possibility, Seth was eager to go. Already a strong and experienced hiker, he’s been accompanying me on 7 mile long trail maintenance trips since he was 2 ½ and walking the whole way since 4 ½. However, he’s been hiking less in the last year as Little League, soccer and a new baby sister have taken their toll.

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