Stella's Successors - Duane
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Thursday, 02 April 2009 20:00

Serena & RockyThe Stella article described how a dog entered our family life and became friends with hundreds of people on our daily walks. Stella promoted a happiness through the daily habit of walking that left a strong impression long after her passing. I recall that she played an important role in training me for long-distance hikes that spanned the North American east coast.

My wife Tricia did not want to get another dog right away, and neither did I. Tricia rightly felt that no dog should be compared to Stella, so we agreed to think of another breed in the future.

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My Inspiration, Stella - Duane
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Monday, 26 January 2009 09:10

Stella thumbnailThe day after Christmas, 2007 our lovely Golden Retriever dog Stella died gracefully at the age of ten years.  My family loved her so much that we felt grateful for her time with us. 

It was shortly after Stella's passing that I was able to start walking regularly again, and it was then that the idea occurred to me about a walking website.  What if a website could do for others what she had done for me?

What if a website could promote enthusiasm for walking in a friendly, non-threatening way?  What if you could have a cheerful, endearing friend who always wishes the best for you.  What makes you suddenly drop "everything important," to simply walk out the door for a short break?

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