Hammock Camping - Speer
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Sunday, 10 May 2009 15:20

speerHammock Camping: There's No Going Back

Larry Luxenberg talks with Ed Speer.  See the end of the interview for background information about Ed Speer and Karen Souza.

LL:  Everyone else has been perfectly happy sleeping on the ground. Why did you feel the need to take up hammock camping?

Ed Speer:  Camping hammocks offer two obvious advantages over ground sleeping. First is the comfort; a properly made camping hammock really is far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. In fact, most people who've switched say they'll never sleep on the ground again - I even have some customers who've replaced the bed in their house with a hammock! That superior comfort comes from the fact that the hammock fabric contours to your body's shape, eliminating the pressure points common to sleeping pads and even most bed mattresses. It's those pressure points on shoulders, hips, knees and ankles that cause sleepers to toss and turn trying to get comfortable. Hammock sleepers avoid those pressure points since the hammock fabric follows the curvature of the body and gives support between the usual pressure points. Of course, it all depends on having a properly made hammock and many commercially-available hammocks don't have suitable fabrics, bug nets, tarps or suspensions-there is a big difference between recreational yard hammocks and camping hammocks.

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Sue Turner aka Hammock Hanger
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Monday, 02 March 2009 11:51

Sue TurnerSue Turner, also known as Hammock Hanger, keeps her dozen or more public hiking journals at http://www.trailjournals.com/hammockhanger/.   Her vivid writing recounts the daily drama of the long-distance hiker, who might just be your next door neighbor.  In this interview she reveals her signature pluck, enthusiasm, and sense of humor.  By Charlie Duane

WW: How did you become one of the most prolific, most followed journalists on Trailjournals.com? 
Sue:  It is funny but when I first started keeping a "Trail Journal" it was for friends and family.  Public journaling was in its infancy, there were only a few of us keeping online journals.  It was a huge shock to me when I found out how many people were reading my journal.  Many stated that they were living vicariously through me.  It was mind boggling. 

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